Friday, August 22, 2014

Diabetes Check Ups

Since my GP, Dr F, retired I had to choose a new GP to replace him. There are about 7 doctors in the clinic where I go but only some of them were taking on new patients. They get very, very busy there. Anyway, I chose my replacement. He is actually one of the main partners of this clinic, Dr C. I've gone in with Brodie a few times and he has been excellent with him and how explains things so I chose him as well.

Of course like with any new GP, any good one at least, when I went in to see him Monday morning and said that I needed to get my HbA1c level checked he said that I should go get all of my other check ups done as well if I hadn't had them done already this year. Naturally he also made me get on the scales. The one thing I dread doing all the time. I much prefer his scales than the ones at home. I am at least 1 and a half kilos lighter on his scales.

Surprisingly I managed to get in to see the podiatrist Monday afternoon. Let me first mention that I hate my feet. I have psoriasis in my nails and they just look plain horrible. It's good to know that the podiatrist didn't care. I suppose he sees worse nails than what I have. He even smoothed out the nails for me. It was almost like having a pedicure (~_o). I had all the checks done: pulse, touch etc. I was then told that my feet were fine. He did give me a few tips on keeping them in good condition. No running around barefoot not even indoors (arghh there goes my barefooted summer), clean between the toes with metho to keep them dry and moisturise the feet every day (not between the toes though). He also suggested that I invest in a mirror that I can place on the floor/wall so that I can check the bottom of my feet more easily. If I remember to look for a mirror when I go shopping I'll grab one. Result from podiatrist - ALL GOOD see you in 12 months.

I went to see the Optometrist on Tuesday. Adam was a bit surprised to see me so soon. I explained that my new GP wanted to be up to date on all of diabetes checks so I needed to come in earlier than expected. No problem. Adam thought it was a good idea that Dr C wanted to know. Anyway, after many drops in the eyes, a brief read from the charts with and without the glasses on, a couple of photos of my eyes and the removal of two misbehaving eyelashes that were growing towards the eye I have another ALL GOOD report and we will see you in 18 months because you are doing the right things and controlling your BGL's.

I love hearing such good things from my Diabetes health team. It means I am on the right track. Let's hope that my GP thinks the same thing when he gets all the reports.
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