Saturday, July 19, 2014

Men Can Be So Stubborn

What a week! Last Sunday night I had to take Mark to the hospital because he was suffering from severe abdominal pain. The thing is he had been suffering for ten whole days before he even told me about it *rolls eyes* typical bloke, right?  He had been suffering from this while the boys and I were visiting family in Adelaide and he never told me. I could've kicked his bottom for not telling me. It turns out that he may have gall stones and the pain is in the area where his liver/gall bladder is. We went to see one of the doctors at our clinic on Monday morning to get a referral for an ultrasound. He is now booked in for one next Tuesday. We go back to the doctor on Friday to get the results.

That little white dot in the pupil is the aluminium fragment.
On Monday night Mark was working in his shed grinding something with his dremel. He had been wearing safety glasses. He took them off to examine what he was working on when he saw that there was a small piece that needed to be removed. So he got the dremel and began working on it. This time however he did not put the safety glasses back on. You can see where I am going here, right? You got it. The piece of metal flew off and got him in the eye. In the pupil to be precise *OUCH* Guess what?!?! We had another trip down to the hospital.

Thankfully the rest of the week was uneventful at least on the medical front. Knock on wood that there are no more 'emergencies' coming up!

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