Monday, July 28, 2014

I Feel Under-dressed

I finally took the bandage off my wrist yesterday afternoon. It felt really weird not having the extra padding there. Apart from the fact that it kept my wrist warm (it's winter here) it helped my wrist feel more secure. I'm kind of worried that I may accidentally bump it now :-/ 

My fingers still feel a teeny bit swollen. I'm itching to put my rings back on my finger but I'm not quite game enough to do it yet. They do manage to slide on and off very easily though. 

I am dying to pick up my crochet hook again but I don't dare over do it. Not after driving the car yesterday and hurting myself. I guess I shall keep working on my crosswords puzzles. Thank goodness there are lots of puzzles in the book I bought. I am already on puzzles 6 as it is. Let's hope my wrist is better before I run out of puzzles. 

Someone please remind me not to touch the palm of my hand :'( I could've cried when I touched it just now.

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