Monday, April 14, 2014

Photos From The Morwell Area (Post-Fire Pics)

On Saturday afternoon Brodie and I went shopping in Morwell. On the way to and from Morwell I asked Brodie to take a few snaps using both his mobile phone and mine. I thought that since I had mentioned the fires a few times it was only fair that I took some photos to show what the area looks like now.

The first two photos are of the Hazelwood open cut mine. Sadly the photos are a bit blurry (we were driving down the freeway at the time) but all that dark stuff is the coal and that is what was on fire for all of those weeks (around 5 ½ weeks in total) before it was finally declared safe. 

The next two photos were taken just before we got in to Morwell. You can see how burnt things are but how quickly the grass comes back to life.  A few of the trees have new growth on them now. It's been just over two months since the fire went through here.

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