Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My New Car

Mark found a nice 1998 Ford Falcon EL wagon on LPG up for auction on ebay Sunday afternoon. After going through my finances I told him that we could place a bid on the car. We had one other person who made a bid against us yesterday. So we increased our original bid.

Last night I was sitting there watching the clock count down. I was hoping and praying that no one would do one of those sniper bids. I really liked the look of the car and it's very similar to Emmy. She's a younger model and has extras that Emmy doesn't have like driver side airbag and power windows. Not that they matter. The best thing is this car is in a better condition than what I am driving now and we WON. All we need to do is go to organise pick-up & for me to go to the bank.
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