Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Car is Playing Up Again

Brodie and I were getting ready to leave for Church this morning when I asked Brodz to check the radiator and oil level in the car. Just as well I got him to check. Not that we wouldn't have noticed but the car has leaked ALL of the water from the radiator.

There was a lovely BIG puddle of water under the car. From the look of it the leak has come from the back of the engine. All I could think of what NOT again! Mark is in bed but when I told him the said something along the lines of crap.

I have doctors appointment to go to on Tuesday. Angus is back at work placement in Morwell on Friday. I drive him so he doesn't really have any other way to get there at that time of the morning. On Friday afternoon I have my nerve conduction test in Dandenong. I have been waiting for months to get this test done so I cannot afford to miss it. **just double checked it's next week not this week for the test in Dandenong.

I am disappointed that this happened. I was super organised for my little Sunday school class. The kids would've loved today's lesson. We were going to go fishing. Mark made up a magnetic fishing rod for us and I had little fish laminated for the kids to catch. I guess we shall play that game next week instead.

Oh Emmy, why couldn't you have played up next weekend after all of this running around has been done *sigh* Cross your fingers for me that Mark is able to diagnose this problem and we can get it fixed easily.
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