Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm A Seamstress, Sort Of

Brodie had bought himself a new pair of dress pants that needed the hem taken up. He kept forgetting to take his new trousers to the laundromat so that the lady there could put the hem up. The new trousers sat in his room, with the pins I had placed on them for the desired length, for around 3 - 4 weeks. 

Brodz had been wearing his demin jeans to Church. Not a good look really when you're in a nice white shirt and tie with these raggedy old jeans on. I got tired of waiting for Brodie (who was probably waiting for me to drive him to the laundromat) to do something about them. 

Mum had taught me years ago how to hem trousers but of course when you don't need to sew very often you forget how to do it. Thank goodmess for the internet, right? I had found a pin on pinterest showing how to hem jeans and I thought I could do the same thing for dress pants, right? So yesterday out came the sewing machine, some pins and the iron and ta-da! Trousers that FIT Brodie at the EXACT length! 

The tutorial, with photos, is from Do It Yourself Divas Blog. Thank you Stephanie for sharing your tutorial. I love how easy it was to follow! 

I managed to save Brodie around $15. I think he owes me some chocolate now (~_o) 
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