Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Crochet Christmas Patterns

While hunting for inspiration I came across some really nice crochet patterns for Christmas. Oh I found stacks that would be great for a northern hemisphere Christmas but not so much for us in the southern part of the globe. Too bad Christmas falls in Summer here which means some of it is not all that appropriate for the weather here in Australia. At least not for the silly season at any rate.

Here's some of the patterns I found:

 Christmas Wreath from Yarnspirations

 Open-work Stocking from Yarnspirations

 Holiday Lights Garland from Yarnspirations

 Lily the Christmas Elf from Yarnspirations

I really like the wreath and luckily I have some little crocheted faces of Father Christmas that I made a few years ago. I might just whip up some stockings and presents & make myself a wreath.
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