Thursday, November 14, 2013

World Diabetes Day - Nov 14th

Image snapped from the International Diabetes Federation website

Today is World Diabetes Day. This day was chosen because it's the birthday of Frederick Banting. He along with Charles Best discovered insulin in 1921. Today is also an official United Nations World Health Day.

Did you know that:

  • over 1 million Australians know that they have diabetes
  • there are over 2 million Australians living with pre-diabetes
  • there are around 280 new cases diagnosed every day in Australia
  • hundreds of thousands have undiagnosed type 2diabetes
It's scary to think that so many people don't even know that have diabetes. It is also scary to know that it's a global epidemic. 

I believe raising awareness about diabetes is important. If just one person goes and gets their blood glucose level tested because they were prompted due to this campaign it's worth it. Knowledge is power and knowing about your health is a good thing.

Here are some useful links to learn either about World Diabetes Day or just diabetes in general:

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