Monday, October 21, 2013

Early Bushfire Season

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Bushfire season has started early in Australia with New South Wales being hit really hard with around 56 fires burning around the state. Only 12 of them have been contained. It really is heart breaking to watch the news. Black Saturday is still relatively fresh in my mind even though it has been over 4 years since that happened.

Go HERE if you want to find out more about the fires. This article was published this morning so it's sort of up-to-date.

Knit4Charities (K4C) member Dawn and some of her friends are collecting crocheted/knitted acrylic squares to me made in to other blankets along with other craft supplies to be given to those in need. If you would like to help out let me know and I can send you the details or you could even join the K4C yahoo group.

If you could spare a thought or a prayer for those affected by the fires or those who are fighting the fires I am sure they would appreciate it.

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