Monday, October 14, 2013

Dental Hospital

I'm off to the Dental Hospital in Melbourne today. I need to be there for 11:30 am (in three hours time). Mark and I will be travelling by train and tram to get there. I've never been on a tram in the city before. A new learning experience, right? 

I am so not looking forward to my hospital visit though. It makes me wish that the local dentist had been able to get that bothersome tooth out when I saw her a few months ago. Tatiyana (the dentist) did warn me that they will most likely need to cut my gum and maybe even some bone to get the tooth out. I am hoping that it is the worst case scenario. Darn those long roots.

Please send some good thoughts and wishes my way. Especially for the trip home. I have thoughts of feeling quite yucky on the way home with a sore and bloody mouth. I am hoping they send me home some with some good pain killers. 

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