Sunday, September 08, 2013

Finished Item - Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Cover

I have been making a cover for Angus's Galaxy Tab. He wanted something in purple with a panda on it. Have I mentioned before that he LOVES pandas? He adores them! You could almost say obsessed with them.

Here's the head of the panda. I based it on the one that I made for the Zoo blanket
I have to admit that the panda does look rather cute on a purple background. All I know is that Angus was thrilled that I have finished it. All I need to do now is stitch the micro-fibre cloth in place on the inside of the cover.

I don't know if I need to make a new cover for my tablet. I am currently using my old cover that I had originally made for my kindle. It fits perfectly. It's light purple but there is no cute little appliqué on it. I might just add one to 'spice' it up a little. I am still deciding on whether I make a cat or a flower for the cover. Perhaps I might make both (~_~)
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