Saturday, August 10, 2013

Finished Item - Tablet Cover

I finished the Tablet cover for Ron on Tuesday afternoon. 

Mark was very helpful and got the over-locker out and made up the lining for me. He is so much better at sewing than I am. It was made from microfibre & it was a lovely shade of light blue.

the flash made this look a bit washed out :( 

Silly me, I forgot to take photos of the cover with the lining inside. 
You will need to take my word for it but it looked great (~_~) Ron loved it which is all that matters really.

I've already started my next project. It's a blanket like the one I made with all the farm things but it's for a girl. The pattern calls for squares made with half treble (half double crochet) stitches but I decided that I liked what I did with the tablet cover better so I am making the squares using that stitch instead. 
I haven't taken any photos of it yet since I am only making the background squares at the moment. Maybe when I get a few more done I'll share what it looks like. 
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