Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An Evening by Candlelight

We had a little bit of excitement last night. Well maybe not excitement really but it was something different to our usual Monday night routine. We heard a rather BIG bang at around 8:30 ish and the power went out. Normally I wouldn't mind so much but it's the middle of winter (it was VERY cold last night) and even though we have a gas heater is wont work unless the power is on too. I think it's rather silly really but that's how this particular heater works.

Of course Brodie panics when anything out of the ordinary happens. He stresses that we don't have the internet and that he cannot get on to facebook. I swear that kid needs to find something else to do other than sit at the computer all day & night. He ended up going to bed.

I however, I go about the place lighting all the candles that I can find. 
I think I had about 12 going at one stage. 
I thought that it looked a little romantic.

Angus was watching a movie on his netbook. So he was all set. Mark had his tablet and was using that.
I went and got my little book light, grabbed my kindle which had plenty of charge left in it and I sat down in the lounge room and read until the power came back around 10 pm.

It sure was nice having a quiet house. No TV, no server noise, no computers. Perfect for reading!
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