Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Playing The Public Dentist Waiting Game

A while back I mentioned that I had been on a waiting list to see the public dentist. After two years of waiting I finally made it to the top of the list a couple of months ago. I've only had two appointments over the past 9 weeks. I suppose I can't complain really since I was on the waiting list for so long.

I had my initial appointment which was basically an assessment to see what was required. I've also had an xray and a teeth clean (I didn't really like that being done I can tell you). The good news is that I don't need any fillings. The bad news is I need two teeth extracted. One will be done next week and the second one will be done next month. I'm not looking forward to that one. It's one of my wisdom teeth. It's what you call impacted (or something like that) it's teeny and most of it is below the gum. Did I mention I am not looking forward to that one? Gosh I am so dreading it. Going to the dentist is a necessary evil right? I just wish I could be knocked out and have it all done at once. Get it over and done with. 

I blame my sister for making me all squeamish about the dentist. All those stories she told me as a kid. Shame on you sis. Why am I not like my other sister who gets so relaxed in the chair that she wants to go to sleep. I wish I was like her instead.

Before I forget, the dentist also mentioned that I could have a plate if I wanted to considering I've had a few teeth extracted over the years. Mark thinks I should go for it since it will be relatively cheap. The dentist said that I could probably go without one for now but if I had any more teeth removed I'll definitely need one. I'm tending to agree with Mark. Otherwise it will have to wait until I go back on the list to get more general dental work done. What would you do? Get the plate now or wait until you lose more molars and go back on the waiting list to get it done then?
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