Monday, June 03, 2013

I'm a Terrible Blogger

I've decided that I am a terrible blogger. I haven't even been reading any of the blogs I follow *hangs head in shame* Well that's not entirely accurate I have checked out one or two but I just haven't replied to any of the posts. I've no excuse really. I just haven't felt like it. Call it a vacation from all things bloggy.

Although I haven't been around much I have been busy with lots of different things. I'm still crocheting but not as much as I was. I've done something to my supraspinitis tendon and I've been seeing a physio for the past 3 months. The physio recommended that I take it easy on the crochet front and I have for most of the time. I even went for almost a week without picking up my hook. It was a struggle to say the least. I did however manage to do some extra reading and some crossword puzzles that week so it wasn't all that bad (~_~). The original complaint that I saw the physio about has improved dramatically BUT (and that is a BIG but) I heard another tearing/ripping sound in the same shoulder and I now had more aches and pains that I'm working on and strengthening. I am totally over this annoying shoulder thing. I just want my arm back to how it was so I can crochet for hours and hours of pleasure.

Anyway I'll be sharing some of the photos I've taken of what I have been working on and what I have completed over the past few months. Hopefully I wont bore you to tears with all my crocheted goodies.
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