Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm So Over This Heat

I'm in survival mode. Today is the 8th day of temperatures 30C (86F) or above. In fact the weather girl last night said that over the past 7 days that each time they (the weather bureau) had predicted a certain temperature it was even hotter than was forecast. Lucky us huh. We still have two more days of this before a cool change is expected some time Wednesday evening. Yuck! I am so over this heat. I just want some COLD and RAINY weather.

I'd go and do a rain dance but it's hot outside already (o_0) It's 30C right now and it's only just after 10:30 am. Not a good sign.


PoetessWug said...

I hope it cools off for you soon!...I'd send you some of ours to crochet by if I could! ^_^

Jo-anne Blossy said...

Thank you Poetess. It would be great if you were able to send some cooler weather over.

Last night on the news they mentioned that the cool change will be reaching us earlier than predicted. I missed that part but hopefully it will be in the morning or early afternoon :)