Friday, December 07, 2012

Out For Dinner & A Limo Ride

My wonderful sister-in-law, Sally, along with my MIL organised and paid for a dinner and limo ride for Mark and I as a wedding gift. Last night we were picked up at 7 pm and taken to a fancy restaurant called In 2 Food. It's not the usual type of restaurant we would go to so that made our night extra special.

I had never been in a limo before so I didn't know what to expect. It was exciting not to have to drive ourselves. What was even better was the fact that some of our neighbours were outside having a sticky beak to see what on earth was going on! It was fun seeing their reactions. Especially the kids that were out playing in the street when the limo turned up.

The restaurant was fantastic. I'd never been there before either. The service as well as the food was impeccable. In fact Mark was so impressed that he wanted to book a table for next year on our anniversary. They weren't able to do that as yet. Something to do with the diary and being very busy for the rest of the month but they recommended we phone in January next year.

the upstairs dining area
Mark ordered Spring rolls with chilli sauce and a cucumber salad for his entree. There were three spring rolls and they were massive, as big as chicko rolls, about an inch round and three to four inches long.
I chose calamari which was lightly fried and came with a lovely salad. 

the stairs to go downstairs are through the doors
Mark's main dish was an eye fillet cooked medium rare with a red wine & mushroom sauce on a potato rosti topped with onion rings. It looked amazing and the steak melted in your mouth. YUM!
My main was a pan fried salmon on a bed of locally grown asparagus with a butter sauce. Talk about delicious. I think my taste-buds have been spoiled because I don't think I ever want to eat tinned salmon again.

I had a cup of tea at the end of the evening and the milk was brought out in a cow! Too cute!
We didn't have a desert although they did have a Mars Bar chocolate cake that looked amazing. I did the right thing, being the (mostly) well behaved diabetic that I am, and didn't order any sweets. We did however share a cheese and fruit platter. The cheese, which for the life of me I can't remember all of their names, was from local producers. Mark and I were unable to eat the whole platter so they let us take the leftovers home.

Mark & I are definitely going to spoil ourselves more often. Maybe not with a limousine ride but at least with dinner out in a more upmarket restaurant than we usually go to. If last night was anything to go by I can't wait to try this again!
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