Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On Golden Pond

Well it's not exactly a golden pond it's more like a red plastic pond but it's ours and I think it looks pretty good. Mark has been on a clean up kick at the moment. The facet joint injections have kicked in and he is getting some pain relief from them. 
Mark has tackled the backyard and got rid of the mountains of weeks and grass that had grown wild in what used to be our veggie patch. 

We have had the little fish pond for a while but the first lot of little fishies died a while back and we now have four new ones. 

Yesterday we went to a garden centre in town and bought some volcanic rock to go around the outside of the pond. The pond is technically a kids wading pool but I think it looks pretty good as a pond.

Mark had phoned another garden nursery in town to check if they sold plants that were suitable for ponds. In fact he phoned them three times. They hung up on his twice and the third time his call went to voice mail. We ended up going to the next town over from us and spent over $70 in plants and other items. Their loss!

Don't worry about the water being all mucky and dirty. That only happened when Mark had disturbed the gravel on the bottom of the pond while placing the plants in the water.

I took these last two photos just a few minutes ago to show what the pond looks like today now that all the sediment has settled down.

the fish hide under the wood underneath the little waterfall.
What do you think? It looks pretty good huh.
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