Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In The Dog House ...

Mark set up his camping gear out in the front yard yesterday. The camouflage tent/cover was purchased at one of the local Op shops in town. Mark wanted to check that everything was okay and in good working order. 

I bought Mark a swag last week. It's that funny looking thing in the photo below under the tent thing. It closes up all nice and snug and secure. I think I would be a tad claustrophobic if I had to sleep in it. Mark had set the swag up in the backyard the other day soon after I had bought it. He had even slept in it that night. Yep I know strange huh, fancy not wanting to sleep indoors?!? Angus even slept in it the following night but got a little bit scared and came inside. I don't blame him although he would have been very safe in the back yard.

I told Mark that this was his dog house for when he get into trouble. He smiled. In fact he said it is more comfortable than a dog house. If you could see the mattress, the sleeping bag, pillow and blankets you would think it was very comfy too.

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