Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Christmas Food Hampers

It love it when my Chrisco Hampers arrive! (they should pay me for this post). I have a general idea of what is in the boxes before I open them but I tend to forget a lot of the stuff. After all I ordered them over 12 months ago. 

I have already ordered next years hampers. I did that in the middle of October. 

Some people from Church think that its a bit of a silly idea to get the hampers when I can do a big grocery shop before Christmas and purchase exactly what I want. Personally I don't think we would ever be able to afford to stock up our pantry like this if I had to buy it all in one go. Plus who wants to go to a BIG shop and put up with lots of people in the supermarket doing the same thing? It would be a nightmare! 

I'm off to check what's in the boxes. Well some of them anyway. I will open the others when it gets closer to Christmas that way we wont be tempted to eat all the yummy goodness before then.

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