Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday


Here's what I am thankful for this week:
  • Mark was able to go camping with a friend & do some of that male bonding stuff that they do
  • for the weather being mild, dry and not very cold. Almost perfect camping weather.
  • that there is only one more sleep to go until Mark comes home! I wonder if I have a nap if that will count :P
  • I take my wedding dress to the lady who will be making the alterations. Yay! I'm excited
  • that the boys have been relatively well behaved this week, apart from the usual annoying brother thing that they do anyway. I appreciate it when they get on well. It makes life so much easier.
  • that the boys still ate the tuna mornay I made for tea last night even if it didn't look the best. At least it still tasted nice.

What have you been thankful for this week?


PoetessWug said...

As always, I have been thankful for good friends this week...and for regular sales in my shop. Without either of them, it would have been a bit tougher to navigate the week..physically and emotionally. A friend gave me a new bird feeder to bring birds back to the backyard, and the shop sales paid for my light and phone bill this week. YAY! :-)

Jo-anne Blossy said...

Poetess, yay for good friends and shop sales!