Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In Hiding


I'm in hibernation today. We're having our first real taste of summer and I'm not too sure that I am liking it. It's meant to get to 33C (91.4F) today and that sun has a bite to it already. I guess there is one good thing about warmer weather and loads of sunshine, I can so some more spring cleaning. I've washed one of my quilts (doona/continental quilt) and its cover. 

While we are having lots of lovely sunshine those on the east coast of the US and Canada are not as fortunate with Hurricane Sandy hitting them hard yesterday. I can't imagine how horrible it must be for so many families who were in its path. The destruction has been horrific and the clean up will take months. My heart goes out to all those affected. Let's hope that their weather clears up so that the clean up can begin and lives can slowly begin to get back to 'normal'.

I'm off to do another load of washing & then I will try to work out what my next crochet project will be. It's been ages since I picked up my hooks.


PoetessWug said...

Enjoy the sunshine, Jo! We're having some cloudy skies and due to get some rain later today. "Sandy" is still spitting her leftovers at us. LOL But I'd rather have cloudy skies and rain, rather than snow blizzards and downpours like some people on the east coast are still experiencing even today!!...*shaking my head*

Jo-anne Blossy said...

Poetess, the sunshine has now disappeared and it's been raining steadily for most of last night. I'm still grateful that it's nowhere near as bad as what you had experienced recently. I hope you're able to stay warm & dry.