Friday, September 21, 2012

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

Angus and I went to his school this morning for Parent/Teacher/Student interviews. I honestly don't know why this kid stresses out so much before we go to these things. The teachers always have something positive to say about him. Things like what a nice polite boy he is and how he can do the work when he focuses on it. The only negative things I hear is that he is a bit of a social butterfly and at times he would rather talk with his mates instead of focusing on the work. He also need to submit all of his work, whether he has finished it or not, so that it can be graded. 
Stress less kiddo and do the work. You'll be fine (~_~)

This mornings floral collection from Rory. 

Look at what I found inside when Angus and I got home. Of course these 'flowers' were not neatly piled together but spread throughout the lounge room. My guess is Rory either missed us and wanted to surprise us when we got home or that he was extra hungry and wanted more food. I'm tending to believe he was extra hungry.
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