Monday, July 16, 2012

Things I Have Learned

Here's what I have learned recently
  • I can survive the school holidays
  • That Brodie really needs to do something other than go on Facebook. That kid worries me with the amount of time he spends online.
  • That if you allow teenager to have a friend sleepover that they will NOT go to sleep. Luckily they will spend a small amount of time taking catnaps
  • That the new school uniform Angus has to wear is VERY expensive! $50 for a pair of pants!?!?! And he is not allowed to wear the older style pants that every public high school in the area has. They need to have the school logo on them and you can only buy them in one place. Don't let me get started on the jackets and school shirts. Not happy Jan! *climbs off her soapbox* 
  • My PVR comes in very handy when the boys have friends over - I can record my shows while they take control of the TV and the game consoles
  • That it's great to be able to sleep in on cold mornings

What have you learned recently?
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