Saturday, July 07, 2012

Finished Item ~ Purrfect Baby Blanket

Ta Da!
I have finished making the Purrfect Baby Blanket (~_o) 

I actually finished making all the parts on Wednesday but I only finished sewing it altogether last night.
I pinned it all down to make sewing the cat onto the background easier.
I think the safety pins I had bought for quilting came in handy. Although I've never used them for quilting.

My lovely model is holding the blanket up for a better view :D
I really love how this turned out, even with the odd looking eyes. I think when I make this again (and I know I will make it again) I will make round eyes and maybe I will use buttons for the pupils. However buttons on a baby blanket might not be a good thing...

I'm already working on to my next project ... some more premmie baby items for one of this months Knit4Charities focus groups: The Thomson Ward at Traralgon Hospital. I would like to complete a few more items before the end of the month. If you know of some good free crochet or knitted patterns please let me know. Thanks.
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