Monday, June 04, 2012

That Aspie Kid Is So Annoying

That darned kid will drive me insane .. oh wait I'm already there! 

Brodie is refusing to go to the GETT Centre (GippsTAFE Employment and Transitional Training Centre) to do his Transition Course. He's only meant to be there for two and a half days a week.

Brodie says that he hates two of the teachers there. I told him to eat some concrete, toughen up and just deal with it. That there will be people that we come across in our lives that we wont like and we just have to get along. He doesn't care. He is still refusing to go. We have had many disagreements over this.

What can I do? Brodie is an adult now. I can't force him onto the train. He's not that little kid any more that I can carry to the car and take to school. He's much bigger than me I would never be able to make him move. I have told him that he MUST be at TAFE OR have a job OR he can leave home. I don't want him sitting here 24/7 on the laptop getting up at odd times of the day to talk to his online friends. I don't want him getting under my feet all the time.
The more time Brodie spends at home the more arguments we seem to have. When he is home he doesn't do any thing. He wont help out about the place. When he does finally help out its only because I have nagged him. Then of course MORE arguments start. He has such a potty mouth it is disgusting the way he talks to me, to anyone at home really. He seems to have no respect. Brodie says that he doesn't even realise that he has been swearing. Its second nature to him to drop the 'f' bomb and he thinks its okay to speak like this.

On Saturday night he and Mark had a HUGE fight. All over something as simple as a network cable (for those of you who don't know what that is its to plug into the computer so that you can join it our home network - that's all of our computers connected together so we can share files etc) The threats of physical violence and all the shouting was horrid. Brodie is such a bully. It's really an abusive situation at times. Although Brodie has threatened to hurt us he hasn't (at least not for a very long time). He has been told in no uncertain terms that if he does I don't care what time of day or night it is he is out on his ear immediately. That he will no longer be welcome to live here. Perhaps he is too scared that I will follow through with that threat.

At one stage Brodie was screaming and swearing so much that I told him I hope he loses his voice. He told me later that his throat hurt. Serves him right really I have no sympathy on that front.

We (Mark & I) did however manage to sit down and talk calmly with Brodie later that night. Things really aren't resolved. Brodie is still refusing to go to TAFE. He's gone out at the moment. He wants to visit his old high school and the pub where he did his work placement last year. A day out will not solve his problems.

I am really at a loss as to what to do with him right now & I don't know where to turn to for help. It's not like Brodie is a 'regular' kid who thinks clearly and is able to cope with the 'real' world. He's cutting himself off from everything. The volunteer job he had with Interchange has fallen by the wayside.He hasn't been to one of their day events or weekends away for a few months. He's also quit his other volunteer job with the shire because he didn't like someone who volunteered there.

Gosh I just have no idea what to do right now. All this stress is just not on. It's no wonder I want comfort food lately. A HUGE block of chocolate would be nice about now. Too had I don't have any.

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