Monday, June 18, 2012

Day Trip To Hastings

Last week Mark, Angus & I went for a drive to Hastings (its about 80km [that's 50 miles] from our home) so that Mark could pick up a part for one of his laptops. Would you believe he has at least 4 of them? Don't ask it gets complicated but let's just say that he uses at least one of them for the ham radio. I told you that he's a ham radio operator didn't I? He has his foundation license.

 Hastings is on the Mornington Peninsula. It's really quite pretty there. Even though I took my camera we didn't really get out the car and take a bit of a tour. Which is a shame really because I wanted proof that I actually went there so I could do a blog post!

We did however get to see this HUGE thing. I'm not exactly sure if its a wind turbine for generating power like they do on a wind farm. I'm assuming it might be otherwise why else would you put it up? Angus took the photos for me. They're the only ones that were actually taken on our little trip.

It was a such a nice day to be out and about. I just hope that if we head that way again we get to spend some time looking around (and taking photos to share).


Vireya said...

Fascinating! If you search for:
wind turbine hastings
you find that it belongs to a hotel, and provides 25% of their energy.

Jo-anne Blossy said...

Thanks for that Vireya. It makes sense now as it was in the hotels car park.

PoetessWug said... does LOOKS like a windmill!

Jo-anne Blossy said...

It certainly does Poetess :) its certainly something you can't miss as you drive by that's for sure.