Monday, May 28, 2012

Taking A Sick Day ... He Better Not Be Faking It

This morning I got a phone call from Angus's school before school even started stating how he has been sick while walking to school and could I come and collect him. The thing is it's the second week in a row on the EXACT same day (Monday) that he has been unwell. I don't know if he is pulling a sickie or not. He's very clever to state that he vomited on the way to school. He walks alone so it cannot be verified.

To be honest I seriously think that there is a class on Mondays that he dreads. Although he has stated that he likes ALL of his classes. I mentioned this to the school nurse, Maureen, so she let me speak with Angus. I told him that I would collect him today. That I am suspicious about his being sick each Monday. That when we got home he would be going straight to bed. That if I find out after he's slept for a while that he is a fraud he will be cleaning the bedroom for the rest of the day! Let's see if that makes him feel better or not!

So now I sit here wondering if Angus is a fraud and just suffering from Monday-itis or if he is truly unwell. He's asleep at the moment. I guess I just wait and find out what he's like once he gets out of bed!

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