Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Happy Dance Time

I am so happy I could burst! Well maybe not burst but I am very happy that everything is going so well for me right now.

I've had lots of visits with my health care team this past week and every single one of them has made me smile and feel pretty darned good about myself.

Last week I saw my GP and organised to get my usual 3 monthly blood test. To check things like my HbA1c, cholesterol, iron levels and a few other things that I can't remember right now.
While I was there I mentioned that I had read how it's recommended that diabetics get the flu shot each year. I asked him considering that I feel pretty healthy most of the time and rarely get colds if I even needed it. To which he replied it wouldn't hurt. There I was thinking he would give me a script to fill and come back to get the jab. Boy was I wrong. He said he would be back in a second and the next thing I knew he was filling a syringe and said give me your arm! That'll teach me to mention flu shot & diabetes in the same sentence (+_+)

I went and got my blood test done on Thursday morning hoping that the results would be in this morning when I went to see my Diabetes Educator. They were actually in on Friday and my dietitian, who visits the same surgery as my GP, was able to check the results for me. I was thrilled to see that my HbA1c was 5.9 mmol (the same as it was in January) and that my overall cholesterol level was 3.5. My iron levels were down but still within normal range. Apparently that's something to watch as you get older and head towards that thing called menopause.

Anyway as I was saying I saw my Dietitian, Kerry. She was very pleased with how things are going & that I have continued to lose weight. She said I am obviously doing a good job with my BGL's and to keep up the good work. Kerry told me that she doesn't want to see me until October unless I feel the need to see her before then.

This morning I saw my Diabetes Educator, Karen. She asked me how I thought I was going with my diabetes. So I told her about the two HbA1c tests that I've had since I last saw her & how both levels were 5.9. She was very happy for me & gave me a high 5. When I first met Karen she wanted me to aim for 6.2 for my A1c.
I told Karen that I had lost over 20 kilos. I think she wanted to see that for herself so I got on the scales. Another high 5! Karen then said I have made her day with all of my successes.
We spoke briefly about various check-ups that I will need in the next few months or so. Like my feet and eyes. Some other test that's needed that I can't think of right now (I know I'm an air head for forgetting). Karen then said that since everything is going so well for me that I don't need to come and see her for 12 months unless I had some questions.

How good is all that? All these appointments and everything is fantastic! All of my health care team is happy with what I am doing. All my hard work is paying off big time! I feel so good about myself that I want to splurge and go shopping! I haven't done it yet. I'm waiting for that feeling to pass. I don't think my budget could handle it if I went on a shopping spree no matter how much I want to spoil myself.

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