Monday, April 30, 2012

Down Memory Lane

Do you ever have those times when you reminiscing about the things you did as a kid? I had one of those times this morning.

I remember quite fondly a time when Mum was doing the ironing & I had my toy ironing board and iron out at the same time. I would've been no more than 7 or 8. Mum always set up the ironing board in the kitchen so of course I did the same thing. While she busily ironed EVERYTHING from pillow cases, sheets and tea-towels through to Dad's shirts & underwear I was busy ironing all of my dolls clothes.

I always thought it was funny that when Mum worked full time she had a twin tub washing machine. The kind where you had to hang around and place things in the spin dryer after you had washed your clothes. She would iron ALL of the washing. It would take up quite a bit of her time to do the washing. Yet when she retired from work she got rid of the twin tub and bought an automatic washing machine. She also stopped ironing. Clothes were carefully placed in the basket after taking them off the clothesline so that they wouldn't get as creased or they were hung out on coat hangers & hung on the line after they were washed so they wouldn't get creased.

It's funny the things you remember from your childhood.

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