Friday, March 30, 2012

What A Day!

So Mum what's new in the Wug's backyard? Rory joined me at the desk when I was catching up on some blog reading :)

Boy what a busy day we had today. This morning I was at Angus's High School attending parent-teacher-student interviews. Of course Angus absolutely hates it when we attend these things. I don't know why .The majority of his teachers always say wonderful things about him. Things like: how polite he is, that he's helpful and that he's caught up with his work or is doing better than last time the teacher taught him. Of course there was the occasional comment like you need to stop chatting with your friends so much and focus on the work. Angus is such a chatterbox when he wants to be. I don't know where he gets that from. It must be his Irish side with the gift of the gab or something :D

This afternoon it was graduation time for Brodie and I. The Ambassador Program we were doing wrapped up today. We were able to invite family to join us at a Chinese restaurant to help us celebrate. I know I wont need to eat dinner tonight! We had such a lovely time. I almost didn't want to see it end.
Two of the ladies who ran the program want Brodz and I to give a  talk to a small group of students at our local TAFE. They are doing a course related to working with Special Needs kids. It wont be until next term some time. I'm kind of looking forward to sharing my story.

Brodz & I were given a book to write our story in.

I'm a bit pooped from all of the running around from today. I really would like to catch a Nanna nap before it gets too late or I may not sleep tonight. It's a good thing that school holidays started today. I have the next two weeks to have lazy mornings. Maybe a nap wont hurt after all :D
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