Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Things I Have Learnt

Things I have learnt recently:
  • don't forget to phone your Dad or he will begin to worry and think that something has gone wrong. Oops sorry Dad.
  • make sure that Brodz has taken his morning meds or you will need to make a mad dash to the train station with his medication in one hand and a drink bottle in the other so he can take them (I did that yesterday because Brodie forgot to take them)
  • don't take Mark shopping with you very often. Not unless you wish to get a lot more groceries (and other stuff) that you didn't intend on buying. Although it does depend on the shop. If you go to Spotlight or some other craft store that's a different story. Mark will encourage you to buy MORE  :D 
  • don't feed Rory food from your plate or he will expect it every time you are eating or preparing something. I swear that cat thinks he is human. Well, either that or we are cats just like him. 
  • that I need to let Angus walk to school in the mornings because it is good for him! He got stroppy yesterday because I didn't drive him to school. Plus Angus needs to be able to ASK properly if he wants me to take him. Saying "I don't suppose you want to take me" is NOT the way to ask your Mum for a ride.
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