Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Recipes

I've been getting tired of cooking the same old recipes all the time. I had been looking online for some good diabetic friendly recipes. A lot of the recipes I find use very specific ingredients, which are often called something different here in Australia. So I spend time trying to find out the Aussie equivalent. Sometimes there just isn't one.

I have made some new meals & desserts from the Diabetic Living magazine that I subscribe to. I keep meaning to take photos of them and place the recipes on Blossy's Cookbook but I often forget :-/

When I was checking out Diabetic Living online the other day I can across <== this book and saw that it mentioned ingredients specifically for Aussie supermarkets. I thought okay I'll get it and see what it's like. I'm still waiting for it to arrive but I'll let you know if I make anything from it :) and I will do my best to share some photos if I actually remember to take any (o_0)
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