Monday, February 27, 2012

Meltdown Mondays

I don't know what it is about Monday mornings but for the past two weeks Brodie seems to have meltdowns soon after arriving at TAFE. Last week there was an argument and he stormed off home. Today he had another meltdown/argument and this time was sent home.

At least his being sent home wasn't like a suspension from school (thank goodness). I spoke with Natasha (she's like the co-ordinator) about what happened and why Brodie was sent home. She said that he should come back in tomorrow for his usual classes. Natasha was hoping that I would have some ideas for her on how to diffuse situations like that. I recommended that she phone Brodie's High School to talk with Miss G. who was brilliant in helping Brodie calm down and settle.

I explained to Natasha that TAFE is so different from H.S. That Brodie has too much freedom there and he doesn't know what to do with himself and how to cope with it all. I also mentioned that when he wanted to disappear from school he was unable to. There was no way down the mountain. No bus or train for him to catch. He had no where to run. With TAFE it is the total opposite. He has that freedom to disappear and he knows its just a train ride home.

I have a meeting with Natasha Friday afternoon after the Ambassador Program. Hopefully we can come up with some strategies to help Brodie & the staff work through things.

I'm wondering if something happens on the train on the way to TAFE that gets him worked up. I know nothing happened at home this morning. I drove him to the train station because it was raining and he seemed in good spirits.

For now I am trying to convince Brodie that it's okay to go back there tomorrow. Maybe making it sound all good and exciting might encourage him to go. Perhaps a reminder that one of the classes is to help him get his drivers license. Hopefully that is enough incentive.
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