Monday, February 13, 2012

Ficifolia Festival Part 2

Here are some more photos that I took on Saturday.

A view of the stalls taken from the top of the hill by the football grounds

One of these days I will buy myself one of these. Heather, one of the ladies from the stall, lives in town & said she would even come over to do a demo for us if we wanted her too.

Look at all that sugary sweetness. Not good for my diabetes but a girl can dream. I did buy Angus a dummy (pacifier) though :D

miniature guitars - they look great don't they?!

I thought these were clever. They're made out of empty aluminium soft drink cans.

They had some fun stuff for the kids to do (and the big kids too!)

Angus had his eye on the panda but he wasn't able to win it. He was a bit disappointed.

A petting zoo - something the little ones really enjoy

How cute at the guinea pigs - there were 6 of them in this little enclosure.

I just loved that calf. It was cute!
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