Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ambassador Program

Yesterday afternoon I went to the GETT Centre in Traralgon (where Brodie goes to TAFE for 2 and a half days a week) so that I could participate in a short course called the Ambassador Program.  Basically it's a program to help young people with disabilities and their parent(s) develop skills & confidence to help them speak publicly and tell their story about their life.

As an ambassador we will be expected to participate in some form of public speaking. From what we learnt today the first group spoke to schools, ADASS (a group for people with disabilities that live in our Shire) and some other groups that I can't think of right.

We got to meet a couple of kids from the last course & their Mums. They spoke to us telling how much they enjoyed the course and what they are now moving on to since completing the course last year. 

This program should be interesting. It's meant to bring us out of our shell. If yesterday was anything to go by I really don't think that is necessary for Brodie. He was the loudest person there and definitely made sure that he was heard. He was also class clown but that's my boy for you!  I wonder what skills he will walk away with after this program .. only time will tell right.
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