Sunday, January 08, 2012

Small Things Keep Us Amused.

Sometimes it doesn't take much to keep the kitten amused or the Aspie for that matter. Both Rory & Brodie love my email notifier. It keeps them amused.

I think its nice that something that's as simple as this keeps Brodie smiling. 

If you're wondering what email program I use it's Incredimail. I used to make stationery backgrounds for it but I haven't done so for a while. 
Although that may change soon. I bought myself a copy of Paint Shop Pro X4. It arrived the other day and I have slowly been installing plug-ins and have starting to play around with them.

If you by chance already use Incredimail and you want to see what stats I have made you can go HERE to check out my website (if it is working it's on the server at home. Mark had set it up but there may be teething problems) or HERE  to join the yahoo group where I have stored the .imf files (sorry there are no previews there).
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