Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Summer Right?

See the hand on the right => that's around area where I live
I think Mother Nature has forgotten that it is meant to be Summer in the southern hemisphere at the moment. Right now it is a brisk 12C (53.6F) and that wind out there makes it feel more like 10C or less (50F). Not that I am complaining. I am really enjoying this colder stuff :)

I feel bad for Brodie though. He is on his first Interchange camp as a volunteer (they get called volley for short, us Aussies shorten everything!). The poor kids would probably be stuck indoors out of the wind, hail  & rain.
Brodie was quite excited to be asked to come back as a volunteer. As far as I know there has only been one other person who was a client of Interchange that was asked to come back. She found it a little difficult to participate as a volley because it hadn't been all that long since she was one of the 'kids'. I do hope that Brodz doesn't have that problem. I guess I'll find out on Friday afternoon when he is due back home.

Even thought Brodie is there as a volley I am treating this as respite. We sure did need the break from one another. Summer holidays always cause a lot of stress in our home. Especially since these boys are not all that interested in doing things outside of the home. They rarely hang out with friends & do stuff. Not like when we were kids. We were always off somewhere without friends. I would gladly push them out the door encourage them to go and do stuff ALL the time usually without success.

Anyway I'm going to relish the quiet that has enveloped our house. It doesn't happen very often so I plan on enjoying it :D
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