Monday, December 05, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

Hosted by Java from Never Growing Old
Each week Java asks some "getting to know you" questions. Here's my answers for this week :D

1.  Monday's are _________?
The days that the kids go back to school. Well it used to be but Brodie has finished school now & the summer holidays begin in a few weeks. I guess that means I get to sleep in for a few weeks :D

2.  What is your favorite kind of milkshake?
Caramel. It is the BEST flavour EVER!

3.  What monthly bill do you most dislike paying? 
I don't have a problem paying bills to be honest. We budget for them & each pay we put some money on all of the utilities & any other bill that comes in regularly. That way by the time the bill actually arrives we are usually in credit or only need to pay a small amount extra. Although that electricity bill seems to be sneaking up on us ...

4.  How many email addresses do you use on a regular basis?
I use three addresses :)

5.  What color lights are on your Christmas Tree?
We don't have lights on our tree. In fact we haven't used lights for a few years now.


edshunnybunny said...

Those electric bills do have a way of sneaking upwards, don't they?

Love your tree!

PoetessWug said...

1. Monday's are...the beginning...and the end...of the weekend! LOL
2. Strawberry Pineapple is my favorite milkshake...with real chunks of fruit. Yum!
3. I most dislike paying the cable bill...because it's the one that can fluctuate the wildest, depending on whether I've been bored and paid for numerous movies.
4. one
5. I don't celebrate Christmas, tree!

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Poetess, I guess that's way we don't have pay TV in our house. Although I think I would only watch the SyFy channel :D

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Thank you edshunnybunny & yes the electricity can be a doozy especially in summer :-/

ArtyMarti said...

Now I have never had a caramel shake. It might be worth a try. I usually a chocolate gal. Have a good week.

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

ArtyMarti, I hope you have a good week too :)

My Kid's Mom said...

I love caramel but have never had a caramel shake. Sadly no "naked DSL" available around here.

Yvonne said...

That picture looks like me on Monday mornings! LOL

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

My Kid's Mom that's a shame that you don't have naked DSL :( perhaps one day it might be available in your area :)

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Yvonne, that's how I feel in the mornings sometimes.