Friday, December 16, 2011

He Did It!


It's Happy Dance Time!
Congratulations Brodie! 

Today's the day the Year 12 students can go online and find out whether they passed and will receive either their VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) or their VCAL (Victorian Certificate in Applied Learning). They also find out their ATAR (Australian Tertiary Administration Rank) scores to see if they can go to University or not.

Brodie phoned up his school to get the log in information from the Yr 12 co-ordinator and he logged in. There right at the top of the screen it said that he got his VCAL pass. He also checked to see if he got a pass in VCE as he had done a few subjects for that as well. He didn't but that didn't matter. He got a PASS in VCAL. Brodie's has successfully completed Yr 12. Woohoo! He is so pleased with himself and so he should be :) It was his goal to finish high school with a pass and he achieved that.

There were plenty of times over the years when I thought Brodie would drop out of school. Especially in the early years when we had all those suspensions. He spent more time at home than he did at school. At one stage we even had a meeting to see if he was going to stay at school. He was that close to being kicked out. But he hung in there and he made it!

WTG Brodz I am so proud of you!! 
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