Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dermatologist Review

I had a review with my Dermatologist on Wednesday. It's hard to believe that its been 6 months since I last saw him. Its a good thing I made an appointment for when I did as he is finishing up working at the local hospital. He told me that he has been coming up here on a regular basis for 50 years and had decided to call it quits. Although he will still be working at his Berwick office for a while longer. Not to be mean or anything but he is at that age where he looks like he should be retiring. He's no spring chicken after all. He looks like he's in his 70's.

He was sort of impressed with my skin but not, if that makes sense. He was impressed that I had been able to go for 6 months without seeing him but saddened by the fact that my psoriasis was coming back. Me well I was impressed that he listened to me and actually took on board what I was saying about my skin and what lotions & potions he had prescribed in the past and which ones I felt worked best or not. Anyway I walked away with a prescription for some stinky tar based lotion which my poor chemist will have to make up when he isn't busy. I think they are grateful when I leave the script and tell them that I will be back in two days to collect it. It give them time to make it up then.

Remind me to take a photo of this 'potion' so I can show you how colourful it is. Just be thankful that you don't have to smell the stuff lol although you do get used to it after a while.

He said I don't need to go back and see him unless I need to (for scripts or flare ups). I guess that's a good thing. I didn't tell him that my GP is willing to prescribe the lotions & potions just as long as I get a printout from the chemist. I'm thinking I might do that in future. Anything that helps me avoid suburbia is a good thing. I don't fancy driving in the busy suburbs of outer Melbourne unless I absolutely have to.


PoetessWug said...

Another story of the "Old" catching a hold of somebody and not letting go! LOL...I'm glad you're able to get the lotions or potions you need, but I can tell that things are a lot different in our respective areas as to how things are done. We get a recorded message by phone call to our house whenever our prescription is due, and we have to go and pick it up then. If we don't need it refilled we have to press a button! LOL And as to lotions and potions, there's so many of them that by the time we tried all of them skin itself would be out of fashion!! ^_^ And yet...people are still getting old and dieing! Goes to show...some things need a "higher" cure than humans can muster! :-]

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Wow Poetess getting a phone call to let you know your scripts are running low/out would be a great thing. We have to remember all of that ourselves here. Well I have to remember for everyone in out house :-/

You're right some things do need a 'higher' cure than we can muster. One day everything will be perfect and the need for all these lotions & potions will no longer exist :)

PoetessWug said...

So true! your last sentence of your comment to me. And I can't wait for that time too!! :-)