Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brodie's Yr 12 Valedictory Dinner

Last night was Brodie's Yr 12 Dinner. It was held at Rosco's Shed in Jindivick. The kids had a great time, as did the adults too. Well I guess I can still call them kids. They are all over 18 now and are officially adults (boy does time fly!)

Ut oh - I got the look for taking his photo ...

Now he smiles ...

The class of 2011
Of course the kids were embarrassed by the photos that the teachers shared. Photos that spanned from Year 7 when they started High School and were so little and cute through to photos from this year.

There are three kids missing but this is pretty much the WHOLE class.

Kathrine & Dean

Brodie's best friends. Celeste, JJ and Katrina. These girls have such beautiful spirits.

Brodz also went to TAFE with Tamara

Just before the kids were presented with a parting gift.
I am so proud of Brodie for making through Year 12. For a kid who had such a hard time when he started High School. He made it! There was many a time when I thought he would drop out. If you go back and look at posts that I wrote in 2006 & 2007 you would see that he spent more time at home than he did at school with suspensions. You would see why I am extra proud of him. He's the first grandchild (on my Dad's side) to have completed all of his schooling. It was one of Brodie's goals to finish school and it's so great that he achieved it. Brodz you ROCK!
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