Monday, September 26, 2011


The school holidays started on Friday & we are having another staycation ( that's a vacation where you stay at home). The boys are home for two weeks. I am so looking forward to not having to get up early every day. I don't get to sleep in very often and its been nice waking up and not feeling tired. I was getting so tired of waking up tired (some of you may recognise that as a line from a Hoodoogurus song. You can check out the video here if you like)

Angus is off at a friends place tonight. There's a whole heap of kids from his school having a sleep over. I use the term 'sleep over' quite loosely here as I really don't think the boys will sleep at all. No doubt it will take a couple of days for Angus to recover from this lack of sleep. At least he is getting a break from his brother. These breaks don't happen very often but when there is a chance for Angus to have one I encourage him to go.

Brodie wants to sit for his learners test this set of holidays. As long as he organises all of this I am quite happy for him to go and do it. I am trying to teach him to be more responsible for himself. It's very slow going but he is getting there. After all isn't it the aim of parents to help their child become more independent? If he forgets to do something he really wishes to do I am sure that he will learn really quickly to not make that mistake again. I have already told him that its not up to me to organise things. If he wants his license its up to him to get it on his own. I will take him to the appointment if he asks but that's it.

We don't really have anything planned for these school holidays. I have a few things planned for me but no family outings. I guess that's something we can discuss as a family once Angus comes home from his friends place.


PoetessWug said...

Where do I begin?...Staycations. Let's begin there. I LOVE them! In fact, hubby and I will be having one soon ourselves! :-] {We kinda have one every weekend too, with our 'virtual' date nights.}...Brodie...driving license. WOW!!! And good 'momming', letting him make all the arrangements himself. :-) And lastly, the kids are having a school holiday already?! O_0 It seems like they just started school! I think a lot of American kids might like going to school where you are!! Ha! Ha!

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Poetess, staycations can be a very good thing. I am sure that you & hubby agree with that one. Your date nights are a lot of fun :)
I am sure that there will be a lot of American kids who would love to be on holidays again. I know my two are jealous of the summer vacation the kids in the US get. Mine only get around 6-8 weeks and then its back to school. Personally I think that is enough time for them to be at home & they are usually ready to go back to school by the end of week 5.

I know it's scary about Brodie wanting to get his license. Its something he wants so I am sure he wont forget to organise things.