Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Farmers Market Day

The boys & I went to the local Farmers Market this morning. I needed to get a fresh supply of yummy fruit and vegetables. Well just the veggies really. No one seems to be eating all that much fruit at the moment.

Farmers Market - it doesn't look very big but there was some nice things there :)
We visited our favourite stalls. Des & Wendy for the fruit & veg. Helen & Albert for or vegetable oil based soaps and the two nice guys (that remain nameless for now) who sell those yummy curry peanuts & soy crisps that we like :D

I have a thing for medical/suspense novels at the moment
There were also some new stalls. Well it was more like ones that don't frequent our little market very often. There was one that had nothing but books. OMGosh I was almost in heaven. There were a few I liked but I limited myself to just one. If you saw my bookshelf you would understand why I only bought one. I really must go through the ones I've read and either give them to the op shops or put them on freecycle.

My new bag
I'm not of buying new handbags or shoes. I really am not that sort of girl but when I saw this one I really had to check it out. It has lots of pockets. I also saw a pink one that I liked. The pattern was lovely but it didn't have as much room as this one.

It's bigger on the inside like the Tardis :D
The stall I bought the bag from was raising money for an organisation called Bryn's Schools. 100% of the proceed of each purchase from the stall goes directly to educate some under privileged children around the world. They have built schools in Vietnam, Sierra Leone, Cambodia & Kenya. If you want to find out more about Bryn's Schools you can visit their website HERE.

That was this mornings adventure. Now to something less exciting. I'm off to catch up on some of the shows I recorded & do some more knitting :D
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