Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finished Object - Baby Cardigan

I finished this baby cardigan yesterday. I used a Bernat Baby Jacquard yarn in petunia. It looks so pretty when its knitted. I bought the yarn online from a store in Queensland. It was the only place in Australia that I could buy it from. I can't remember the name of the store though. Oh well. That's what google is for I suppose :D

I took this photo shortly after I started knitting.

one of the sleeves
This yarn knits up so well and it looks so pretty. I can't wait to use the rest of the yarn that I have :) Although I have no idea what I will make with it yet.

another sleeve

I used a different yarn to complete the top. It's a very pale pink.

I wanted pink buttons but I didn't have any but that just means I get to go shopping right?? :D :D

Ta Da! Looks good doesn't it :D
I may send this off to my niece Allie. Her baby (a little girl) is due at the end of October. I am sure she will look adorable in it.
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