Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not Happy Jan!

Brodie & I went for another walk today. I had a few bills to pay in town and some prescriptions that needed filling. I also went to the bank. Oh boy let me tell you that I am NOT impressed with them. My bank (BankSA) was bought out years ago by St. George bank. That was fine. It meant that since I no longer live in South Australia I could go to any St. George branch and do my banking there. When Westpac bought out St. George I thought cool I don't have to drive 60km to a St. George branch now to deposit cheques, update details etc.

I had a cheque to deposit that I received as part of a cash-back offer when I bought my glucose meter. There I was thinking I will just take it to the bank in town and deposit it and that would be it. But NO it was not that easy. I spoke to the girl at the counter. Stated that I was with Bank SA and I normally did my stuff at St. George but since Westpac now owned them I wanted to deposit a cheque. They wouldn't do it unless I had a deposit book. I've never had a deposit book for my account. I said I know the account that it needs to go into but the girl said they were unable to deposit it without a deposit book because they cannot guarantee that the money would go into the right account. HELLO it would go to the right account because I KNOW my own bank details. I said that I never needed a book for St. George but that didn't matter to her. So I left. I am not terribly impressed with THAT bank. it's very frustrating. Now I have a $40 cheque and no way of cashing it yet. Not happy Jan!

Enough of me blowing off steam. I took some photos today & some on Monday when I picked Brodie up from his work placement in Neerim South. It's quite pretty up there. I have been meaning to take photos up there for a while now. I must remember to take my camera when I go up there next week. 

Our local CFA Station (Country Fire Authority)

Uniting Church

A Church at Neerim South

View from the car park

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