Friday, August 05, 2011

It's Like The Tardis

Mark's a bit of a neat freak when it comes to his shed (also known as "The Man Cave"). I suppose that's kind of natural when its where he spends a lot of his time. Well apart from bed where he seems to sleep a lot some days (sorry hon but it is true).

Mark can watch TV on the top monitor.
or he can spend some time just watching his fish
Would you believe that if he moves his chair that there is even a space for him to lie on the floor to sleep or just watch TV. Although Mark never sleeps in there because he is in the dog house but there is always a first time :P

Everything has a place to "live"
You don't think he is a little bit OCD do you? Sometimes I think he might be.

everything is labelled
(if I can't find my labeller inside I know it is in the shed!)

Each tool box is organised carefully to fit EVERYTHING in
I swear that Mark's shed is like the TARDIS (from Doctor Who its that blue police box he travels in). Its much BIGGER on the inside! I honestly don't know how he manages to keep ALL his stuff in there!

Mark says I can borrow his tools but I never do

Look how tidy things are.

There really IS a place for everything!
Now if I could only get Mark to tidy up the backyard or even better inside the house (the kitchen cupboards need organising) on a regular basis this home would be fantastic. I'm not picking on you Mark, honest! xoxo
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