Friday, August 26, 2011

I Drove For More Than 3 Hours Today

Gosh it's been a very long day today. I drove all the way into Brighton this morning to take Mark to a Cardiologist appointment. A 178km round trip ( just over 110 miles) which meant at least 3 hours travelling time & yes I drove ALL the way. It's no wonder I feel pooped *yawn* I could use a Nanna nap.

the route we travelled

The cardiologist (a Professor) we saw was really, really nice! I am so glad that Mark's doctor referred us to him. I was very impressed with the way he explained things to us.
He looked at all the test results and the scans that we brought with us. The Prof. told Mark that his heart looked beautiful. I guess that's a good thing for a cardiologist to say. There were no blockages or anything which of course is all good. He explained that the pains in Mark's chest is a cardiac spasm. We were also told that Mark has dyslipidemia which basically means that there are abnormal amounts of cholesterol in his blood & not the good cholesterol either. (it's something I need to watch for too being a diabetic - I didn't know that).

With this in mind it may mean that Mark might need medication to help reduce his cholesterol levels at a later date. For now the Professor is very happy to let the GP handle things & that of course if things change for the worse he can go back to see him.

We were also given some reading material to take home. [Which I will get stuck into when I don't feel so sleepy *yawn* or hungry for that matter (it's almost dinner time)] He also explained to us that Mark is at risk of developing problems later in life if things are left to continue as they are. In other words it wont hurt Mark to lose a little bit of weight, become more active (maybe join me for a walk or go swimming), quit smoking and just generally eat more healthily. (Sorry hon you may need to cut back on all of those noodles you love eating!)

At least we have some answers. & that was exactly what we were looking for :) now we just need to put things into action. Well Mark does. I already have my own health plan to work with :D


Nelly said...

What a long day for you I always send hubby the 5 hour down 5 hour back trip to Brissie for grandaughter Miss 5s eye appointments.He always does it in one day I have done a drive but stay a night way too far unless we can opshop on the way.
Hope Mark gets started on his exercise routine xx

PoetessWug said...

This is gonna sound strange, but YAY!!! He has a cholesterol issue!...I say that because blockages would have been so much worse!! High cholesterol is nothing to play with either though. Hubby, as of his last doctor's visit, is now on medication for high cholesterol too. He's always had it, even though he's very active, and his weight is fine. It's just one of those things. Doctor says that with the drug he's on he has to have his liver checked every six months or so though, to make sure it's not causing problems. Grrr! Fix one problem.....start another!...Anyway, I've got other things to think about!...Have a good weekend Jo!

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Poetess, I know exactly what you mean. It certainly could have been worse. After talking with us the Professor said that the cholesterol thing might be hereditary because we honestly don't have a lot of fat in our diets (good or bad). I'll get Mark to see the GP soon & let him work out when Mark needs to go on the cholesterol medication.

I hope that the meds your hubby is on work really well for him & I'll cross my fingers that they don't interfere with his liver.

I hope you have a great weekend too!

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Nelly, sorry I didn't reply to you earlier. I remember long trips like that when I lived in South Australia. I would drive 4.5 hours from Whyalla to Adelaide for appointments on a regular basis. I don't remember doing it as a day trip though. It's an awful lot of driving.
I hope Mark starts on it soon too :) although he did ride his motorbike today. He get's a bit of a work out when he rides.

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Being in the car is not one of my favorite things, but what good news your journey brought!

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

It's not my favourite thing to do either Beverly but you are right it was good news :)