Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Health Update

I had a check up with my GP this morning. He had asked me to come and see him 4 weeks after I started taking Diabex. It has actually been 5 weeks but that's only because he was away last week.

I showed Dr. F the program I have installed, OnTrack, on my phone that I use to record all of my blood glucose levels, weight, blood pressure etc. He loved the program so much that he looked to see if he could get it for his iphone. He couldn't find that one, it is for Android, but he did find another one that he said he may look into.

After checking out my BGL's recorded on my phone and getting me on the scales. Yes the scales, which I no longer hate because the numbers are going down!!! I have lost 6 kilos (about 12 lb) since being diagnosed with diabetes. Dr. F is absolutely rapt with how well I am going.He said that I am doing a fantastic job. I never tire of hearing those words! Although sometimes I feel like I am behaving so much that it is making me sick. Not sick as in ill just sick & tired of being so good.

I also asked Dr. F to fill in a form for VicRoads notifying them that I now have diabetes. Basically its to cover my butt if I have an accident so no one can say I was irresponsible and state that I didn't declare my illness. I need one of these forms filled out once every 3 years. Lucky me.

Since things are going so well he doesn't need to see my until the end of September when my HbA1c test is due to be repeated. Well unless something crops up before then. Although I do have an appointment on Friday with the dietitian. I don't think I have any questions for her at this stage and I don't really know if this appointment is truly necessary but I will go any way.  But for now things are going well and I am being a good girl :P
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